Adirondack Seafood Company

115 River St, Hudson Falls, NY 12839     :    (518) 745-5845

Fresh Fish Market
Adirondack Seafood Company

Seafood Market

Here at Adirondack Seafood Co., we buy and sell premium grade fish and seafood from the New England coast and from around the world. Our product arrives daily and we specialize in wild organic fish from the North Atlantic. We also offer wild seafood from Alaska, Mexico, Chile and Norway.
  • Haddock (North Atlantic)
  • Market Cod (North Atlantic)
  • Pollack (North Atlantic)
  • 100% Natural Sea Scallops (New Bedford)
  • Hard Shell Little Neck Clams (R.I. and Canada)
  • Chesapeake Oysters (Maryland)
  • Jumbo Shrimp (Mexico and Ecuador)
  • Live Maine Lobster (Maine and Canada)
  • Giant Lobster Tails (Maine and Canada)

We can provide you with large orders for parties and celebrations. Discounts given on large orders. We sell Little Neck Clams by the bushel, Lobsters in quantity and special orders for exotic cuisine.